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Interactive "FAQ" Videos

The Mullikin Agency is offering a new interactive FAQ video technology to our clients! With FAQ Videos directly on your website, consumers get answers to questions quickly without searching through irrelevant content only to get frustrated and leave. This technology empowers consumers with information at their fingertips that is engaging and extremely effective.
Users can ASK, ENGAGE and UNDERSTAND like never before...
taking your product or brand storytelling to new levels.

Why Skipstone?

  • Skipstone is there when you cannot be.
  • Skipstone can SELL 24 / 7 / 365 when you’re not available.
  • Skipstone completes the purchase funnel from customer acquisition to customer and prospect retention.
  • Skipstone’s new technology has the flexibility to be custom designed for each and every business.
  • Skipstone allows your business to extend your customer service department without adding or training an employee.
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The Advantages of using Skipstone:

  • Replaces static FAQ’s on your website with interactive, patent-pending, real time videos that people will actually watch and learn from. Consumers love to ask questions and get fast, accurate and better answers. People no longer have to scroll through pages of information on your website, they can skip right to what matters to them.
  • Just ask your question verbally with the voice activated mic on your phone, tablet, computer or electronic device or type in the question. It’s so easy!
  • Skipstone offers specific answers to commonly asked questions that upload fast and deliver exactly what consumers want using the most powerful medium available today...VIDEO!
  • Skipstone offers groundbreaking video technology that empowers consumers to ask, engage and understand like never before.
  • Skipstone informs, educates, engages, influences and even SELLS your products and services for you.
  • Skipstone offers the only engagement analytics on FAQ’s. We provide page views, a list of top questions watched and a list of unanticipated questions that can be answered and added at a later date.
1 Engagement
7 Impressions

On average it takes 7 times to view an ad before a consumer recognizes that he or she has seen it. That 7:1 ratio burns through a significant amount of an ad budget and wastes even more of the consumers time. One engagement delivers a much higher value than 7 impressions at a fraction of the cost.


Pricing is extremely affordable and you only pay when someone engages or asks a question and watches your video answers. They can watch as many answers as they want to in one setting and you are only charged for one engagement.
All plans include Closed Captioning, customer support and Basic Monthly Analytics.  $225 setup fee.  Plans 1-4 are based on a 12 month commitment of buying a block of engagements.  Level 5 is based on “per engagement” pricing.  Minimum is 150 engagements per month.  Custom quotes are available for 50,000 or more annual engagements.
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